Explore data using a simple interface. Generate descriptive statistics, understand distributions, build visualizations step by step, perform parametric/non-paramaetric tests and customer segmentation, and build linear and logistic regression models.

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Build linear regression models using the olsrr package. Quickly iterate through models and generate models with the click of a button.

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Build, validate and monitor binary logistic regression models. Includes comprehensive regression output, model fit and validation statistics.

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Generate and visualize descriptive statistics for numeric/categorical data. Explore key statistical distributions using interactive plots.

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Beginner friendly interface to perform hypothesis testing using parametric and non-parametric statistical test. Includes flexible input options and structured results.

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Tools for customer segmentation using recency, frequency and monetary value analysis. Build customized segments using customer or transaction level data.

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Apps for data visualization, exploratory data analysis, hypothesis testing, customer segmentation, linear and logistic regression modeling.

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Built With

Simple Interface

Simple interface for uploading data. As a tool aimed at beginners, all you need to do is to upload your data in a comma or tab separated file and get going with your analysis.

Transform Data

Screen data for missing values, rename variables and modify data types.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Generate detailed summary statistics, one and two way tables, group summaries and visualize the same.

Understand Statistical Distributions

Vizually explore the most important statistical distributions. Understand the factors which influence their shapes. Learn to calculate the probability and quantiles.

Visualize Data

Visualize data by interactively building plots step by step.

Inferential Statistics

Test hypothesis using a set of most important parametric and non-parametric tests.

Model Building & Validation

Build and evaluate statistical models using a simple workflow.